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The Week In Records

ASC “Bad Dreams” / Cryo “Girls & Their Demons” (Covert Operations)
ASC “Distress Signal / Second Sight” (Soothsayer)
ASC “Visible Light EP” (Vibez)
Fracture & Neptune “Ventura / Sagrada Familia” (Medschool)
Spirit “Axis” (Inneractive)
Martyn “Cloud Convention / Believe It” (Bassbin)
Sileni “Twitchy Droid Leg rmxs 2 – Martsman / Vex’d” (Offshore testpress)

Dillinja “Warrior / You Don’t Know” (Logic Productions 002)
Brown & Dangerman “Dreams Of Another World / Ideas For The Ear To Fear” (Stronghold 001)
Broken Silence “Feel This / Cold Still” (Stronghold 005)
Paradox “New Statement / Nostalgia” (Stronghold 006)
Mixrace “A Different Drum” (Mobhanded 005)
M.I.D. “Dreams / Calling Kurtis” (Offset 001)
Alaska “Dual Elements” (Offset 002) — f’ing gorgeous tune!!

Johnny Clarke and Prince Far I, and lots of them
Ugly Mac Beer “Invasion!” (MF DOOM mixtape)

YESSS! Nothing like a couple of heavyweight packages in the mail to get me blogging again…

V/A [ASC, Mav, Pete Rann, Cryo, more] “First Wave” CD (Red Mist) [RMR001]

Newcastle, UK label, Red Mist Recordings has entered the record game and wisely sidestepped the whole “atmospheric labels struggling for vinyl distribution these days” thing by self-releasing a compilation CD. Works for me, because who doesn’t like a good comp? Listeners can enjoy the individual tunes, DJs can play it in the CDJs, and no one has to suffer an uneven artist album. Well, this one is still uneven, but there are plenty of high points that make it worth picking up. Mav’s “Walk the Earth” is a heavily-syncopated slice of Dutch science-fiction jazz, with characteristic crisp drum palette and ethereal tones that slide around the cloud layer. ASC offers a solid dancefloor stepper, “Lake of Illusion,” and the elusive Mykra contributes “Faze One [remix],” a lively update of his unreleased classic. Hungary’s ICR & SDD team up on “Striction (Loveshine)” which overcomes a routine intro to hit a funky technoid stride. Pete Rann delivers a big tune, “Shine Down on Me” that shares much with his releases on Good Looking, but dressed up with a diva vocal treatment. Equally high-octane is Intersidereal’s “Disturbed Balance,” an energetic, trancey two-stepper that gets the idea across despite the flat-sounding engineering. Up-and-coming Russian producer, Cryo gets his first (or close second) release with “Ice In You,” a mature, musical long-player that draws new tricks well into its fifth minute. “Ice” makes excellent use of flutes and guitar samples, including wah pedal stabs and a unique talking fuzzbox bassline. The album rounds out with upbeat tracks by Skeema and Greenfly and closes with promising efforts from newcomers Antibreak and Void. Overall, an impressive new-school showcase of global talents keeping mellow Drum & Bass alive and well.


Equinox “Retroism (Where Are You?) / Roy Ting” (Subtle Audio) [SUBTLE006]

“There’s a part of yourself.. that you don’t show anybody. During a session when I’m inside.. I get to see those things.. I feel them. With Stargher I felt things I never want to feel again.”

Equinox can fold and tear an Amen break six ways from Sunday but he holds back a bit on “Retroism,” letting one roll out fairly unmolested through a dissonant ether of beeps, chimes and voice samples. The result is laid-back and mesmerizing. Due to mastering issues, “Roy Ting” replaced the originally-slated “Far Away” on the b-side, offering more contrast in the form of a full-on drum assault. “Roy” is sinister in its atmosphere and has space to breathe; the meat is in the mental drum lashings and a massive sustained bassline. The verdict: a double helping of Drum & Bass mysticism.

Keaton & Hive “Retreat” / Loxy “A Quest For Hope” (Xtinction Agenda) [XA004]

Xtinction Agenda LogoAveraging only one record a year since 2003, Loxy & Keaton’s Xtinction Agenda imprint appears more a labor of love than a commercial enterprise. Here they prove that the focus is on originality and quality with a refreshing pair of tunes that hit slightly left of center. “Retreat” kicks off with a swaggering Hip-Hop loop, rolls out the darkness with booming timpani and rave horns, then at the second drop abruptly seduces the listener with a summery flute interlude before marching home with clout. “Quest” is pure 1996 vibes; think the lush sounds of a rainforest waterfall but updated for the times with running bongo beats and a perfectly-tailored bassline. Inspired stuff.

Podcast 02 – Mixed By Jus Wan

Jus Wan – Who Got The Beats Podcast 02

Download (96kbps AAC)

Atjazz “For Real [Version Remix]” (Sonar Kollektiv/Innervisions)

Kickin things off this time around is a deep number from Atjazz. On the For Real EP, Iveson takes us down two paths, one leading to Chicago in the early nineties and the other to a ship headed for deep space. I chose the spacier option which is a remix by Version (Atjazz & Charles Webster). The only word that comes to mind is awesome.


Simbad “Soul Fever [Remix]” (Raw Fusion)

Up next is an uptempo remix of the lovely summer jam entitled “Soul Fever”, done by Simbad himself. With nutty synths, crazy freakazoid bass and a crackin beat, this one just won’t leave my head, and I’m plenty happy about it.


Domu “Tell Me Something [Dark Dub]” (OOO)

For the last half a year, I’ve been hearing about this digital-only label Domu and Shifty have been hard at work setting up. After years of settling for less than what they hoped for, they figured this new approach might yield better results. If the first two releases are the standard for whats to come, then I couldn’t be more excited. Absolutely top notch work from Domu, Yotoko, Soza, And DJ Marin with Nikola Kramer. And the artwork is simply brilliant. The choice tune for me is the Dark Dub of “Tell Me Something”. When Domu goes for the darkside, run fi’ cover cause the bass is about to drop…


Innerdaze “Supa7” (2000 Black)

Blending nicely into Domu’s scorching beats is a jazzier number from Innerdaze which is Kaidi Tatham and Matt Lord of Bugz In The Attic. This is the third 12″ on the Good Good 3 compilation which is to release on cd with added tracks very soon. Kaidi and Matt come with a beautiful instrumental that just grooves along niceley, propelled by smoothed out rhodes chords and a classic growly synth bass. The beat is cutting edge and the keyboard work is amazing as it always is when Kaidi does it. Nicely done!


Icasol “Givin It Up [Dub Version]” (Pulver)

Hailing from South Africa, Icasol comes with the hotness on his first 12″ for Pulver Records out of Germany. Capitol A lends vocal duties for the main version and this dubbier mix which layers vocal snippets over the same bumpin beat and warm synths. This is nice summer groover with a unique touch. Looking forward to more from Icasol.


Sonar Circle “Cabana” (OOO)

Wrapping things up is the brilliant slice of technoid jazz funk from Soza who was part of the Sonar Circle moniker with Domu back in the days of Reinforced Records. This is on release 002 from the new web label OOO helmed by Domu and Shifty. Chunky, growly and smooth at the same time with some wicked drum programming, an outstanding production proving that the R truly was a proving ground for some of the UK’s finest production talent. Very much looking forward to more from this outfit!


DJ Trax & Macc “Drago’s Path” / ASC “Tradewind” (Outsider) [OUTSIDER014]

Two mad real-life drummers, Macc & Trax combine forces on “Drago’s Path,” an easygoing exercise in big beat funk. They score with an amalgamation of moody guitar, hip-hop scratches, jazzy bass slaps, a sax lick and a hilarious running sample that I can only attempt to translate as “ahyuh ho.. ahyuh yeah.” On the other side of the coin is ASC’s “Tradewind,” a melodic elegy with a clean, natural-sounding kit. A fat bass tone floats along slowly yet surely. Perfect for that sunrise set or romantic breakup.


Breakage “Circumference / Panic Room” (Inperspective) (INP014)

“I’ve just been spending time in the subway, riding in circles. Thinking in circles. There’s no way out. I’ve been over this entire city. […] None of it seems real. It’s like I’ve just been dreaming this life, and when I finally wake up, I’ll be somebody else, somebody totally different.”

“Men anger the gods with their pride, and in order to punish them, the gods looked on as Pandora opened her box letting chaos loose. And now […], mythology will become reality.”

Inperspective maintains the level of quality you’d expect with a 12″ from the prolific Jimmy Breaks. “Circumference” is an energetic, versatile roller with enigmatic film samples that are given the full filter treatment. Plenty of little stop-starts and dropped beats keep things interesting as does the massive test-tone bass breakdown just begging to be aired on a proper rig. “Panic Room” is deliciously evil, employing ferocious live breaks and subtle, hell-raising screams and pads that shapeshift throughout the entire tune.


Fanu “The Circle of Sycamore Trees” (Warm Communications) [WARM010]

Fanu A dense and rewarding keeper with three tracks custom made for this 12″. Fanu’s Drum & Bass is indulgently somber and self-consciously epic (as are his song titles) but he’s good at what he does- in his own words: “emotion, imagination, atmosphere.” “The Circle” spotlights punishing drum work against the reverberating backdrop of an untamed forest with secrets. Turn over for a double-header admirably cut at 45rpm. “Footsteps Concealed” is upbeat with a battery of crisp drumming, followed by the beautiful downtempo coda of “The Face of the Man Who Killed You.”


Macc & dgoHn “Shimesot” / Genetic Sequence “Love Crisis” (Transmute) [TMR002]

Head straight for “Shimesot”, a relentless break-fest from Macc – the mad drummer from Paradox’s Outsider Recordings – and partner dgoHn. As might be expected, the drums do most of the talking although there’s plenty of sampladelic meat on them bones, leaving the feel of a funk percussion section given the studio dub treatment. A monosyllabic bass tone gets the job done on the low end. One for the drum purists!

(Unfortunately the pressing on my promo copy is hosed but I’m told they are not all like this.)


Resound “Underground / Spiral Web” (Warm Communications) [WARM009]

Resound drops two heaters on this latest gem from Finland via Amarillo, keeping the energy rolling as usual. On the lead track the word “underground” loops like an emergency alarm over a mishmash of bongos, amens and other clipped breaks. Use this one to approach the peak hour without fully crossing over to the dark side. “Spiral Web” is more subdued but steps like an aerobics class, grabbing hold of your ear with subtle bleeps, choice drum fills and a filthy bassline bounce.